Wildcats – Girls Only Football Sessions

TCFC are delighted to announce that we are now an approved FA Wildcats Centre.

We will be holding Girls only football sessions at our home ground- Carr Lane, Tarleton (Spring / Summer Months) then at Tarleton Academy Sports Hall (Autumn / Winter Months)  for all girls aged between 5-11.

Restarting:-  Sunday 4th April     09:30-10:30     Tarleton Corinthians FC, Carr Lane, Tarleton, PR4 6BT

What is Wildcats?

Wildcats football centres offer girls aged 5-11 a chance to try football for the first time and provide regular recreational opportunities to play. We will provide a safe environment where girls with or without football experience can; have fun engaging with sport, develop fundamental skills, try a variety of sessions, learn new things and create foundations for a lifelong love of sport.

Sessions to take place every week and are focused on helping girls make friends, have fun and be active through football.

All sessions are delivered by FA qualified coaches providing a safe place for girls to try football for the first time and develop key football skills.

Cost per session will be just £2 each

Five reasons it’s great to be a Tarleton Corinthians FC Wildcat

It’s great being a Wildcat.

You’re part of an all-girls’ team, you learn how to play football, and you’re having lots of fun doing it.

Here are five reasons why we love Wildcats:

1. You make lots of new friends 

With over 1,250 Weetabix Wildcats centres, they are a great place to meet new people. Some of them might go to different schools or live in different areas, but you have so much fun together that you soon become best friends.

2. It’s brilliant fun

You don’t need to worry about not being able to score goals or how fast you can run. Wildcats isn’t about competition, it’s about having a good time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never kicked a ball before or you’ve been playing for a while, everyone’s welcome.

There are different games and drills to try with balls, hoops, cones and sometimes music. Every session is different but they all have one thing in common – fun!

3. You learn new football skills

Every week Wildcats teaches you more about playing football. You practise skills like dribbling a ball, get to try out being goalkeeper and learn about scoring goals.

If you want to get even better at football, you can practise your new skills at home or school by playing with your friends and family. You might be able to teach them a few new tricks!

4. You get fitter and stronger

Playing football helps you stay fit and healthy. Exercising gives you stronger bones, stronger muscles, a stronger heart and lots of energy! This means you can run around on the pitch for even longer without getting tired and because you’re fit, you’re less likely to get ill too.

5. You even do better at school

As well as being good for your muscles, exercise is really good for your brain. If you’re fit and healthy you can concentrate for longer, so you’ll be able to listen and learn more in your classes at school.

Exercise can improve your memory too so if you’re trying to remember your times tables or the date of your friend’s birthday, playing football might help!